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27 January 2009 @ 09:02 pm
Remixing is okay.  
Bah, I feel like crap and I hope there's a snow day tomorrow.

But yeah. Classes are going well. I really like my ASL and my German history? German literature in history? History of the Holocaust? I'm not quite sure exactly what it's called? class even though I've read so much German history in the past few days that I think my head is going to explooooode. Ahhh damn it Goebbels and Adornoooooo.

Btw, love this.

haha yaaaay Kristin just got here and we're gonna go look up German propagandaaa. Exciting. Except for now she just ruined Rachmaninoff for me because she mentioned that it reminds her of Willy Wonka.

Yeah alright, I still love him.
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