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delighted mortician
Hey, so, I'm 21 today! Pretty exciting stuff. I can now do everything legally yaaaaay.

But yeah. So we had Thanksgiving dinner for my birthday, as per tradition, and then I had the most amazing cake evarrr, and have since had so much sugar I'm surprised I'm not in a coma yet lol After dinner me and my gram went out for drinks (stfu, it was awesome), and then afterward I went to the store and got my gram some cigarettes, and myself a six pack of Twisted Tea because I wanted to try the raspberry kind, and got carded and felt special.

I also got a money tree (bush?). There may be some piccage later depending on how productive I'm feeling. That is to say, not very. And! I finally bought ice cream from an ice cream truck! Exciting!

Aaaanyway. I'm now transferring to SMCC into the Early Childhood Education program, because I was totally wasting my life and my money at USM. So I got the news that I was accepted today as well. And on top of all that loveliness I got some lovely b-day wishes on Facebook too. The only thing that could make this day better would to have had my BB up here. But alas, we shall celebrate when I get home (because I came into some monay today bitchessss).

the end ♥
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delighted mortician
Ahhh my kitty has an ear infection or ear mites or something and it's like being assaulted with the smell of really rank ear cheese 24/7.

I'm also really gross for typing that WHY AM I ALIIIIIIVE.

the end.

ps. I had Pizza Hut today and it was delicious! And I also got a new pair of glasses. SQUARE ONES, KRISTIN, LIKE, FOUR EQUAL SIDES lol [loveloveloveyou ♥] But I won't be able to pick them up til I come back to LF for my dentist appointment in August. AFTER I TURN 21 BITCHES. And because neither of us will have any money, Kristina and I are going to spend the whole day in bed drinking Bailey's milkshakes. Or at least I will. So yeah. Watch out for that.
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delighted mortician
Worse than it already was, anyway.

But today yesterday I got up at the asscrack of dawn to go to my gram's doctor's appointment with her and got to eat breakfast at Dennys. Then I came back, had myself a bazillion hour nap, and read for a while. Which is why I'm now updating my lj instead of sleeping like normal people.

And my cat snores like a person and is pretty much a big dork. Like myself. Which is why we get on swimmingly.

It is also almost one in the morning and I really miss my bebe and want to be home sleeping next to her :(

So instead, have some pictures of Oskar Mayer. The cat my grandmother openly pretends to hate but secretly loves and adopted anyway and buys it a shit ton of stuff it doesn't need and talks to it.

Oskar Mayer Bacon BiiitsCollapse )

[ps. love you kristina.]
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delighted mortician
So, hey eljay, long time no see. I've been meaning to update for a thousand years but every time I started to I just...forgot what I was going to write about lol

BUT here I am, hanging out at Kristina's, with the tele randomly on the religious station because it's one of the few that come in, and watching this weird show/movie where some guy who looks like Leonard Nimoy is pouring what looks like butter all over this guy's face and I'm trying to figure out what the hell is going on. So yeah. And then five minutes later, after staring at the screen with a kind of "Huh?" look on my face, I realize that the guy who looks like Leonard Nimoy actually is Leonard Nimoy and he then proceeds to lay some man love on this poor kid. Who still has this yellowy liquid stuff all over his face and in his hair.

I'm not sure I want to know what this is about lol But nonetheless, I'm always amused by this station.

Is it bad that I find pretty much everything about Misha Collins ridiculously attractive? Shit, not another mancrush.
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delighted mortician

Seriously. 'Cause otherwise I'll just keep spending hours and hours decorating houses and creating/customizing more Sims. Ahh, I wish I knew how to quit yooooou.

Anyway. I'm back in L to the F for a few more days, and then spending the rest of vaca at Kristina's house. Yay! Exciting.

But yeah. I'm gonna go get a glass of chocolate milk. And then probably play MORESIMS2OMG.

Damn yooooou &hearts

[ps. i miss my bb :( loooove you.]
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delighted mortician
28 January 2009 @ 03:49 pm
Okay, so my girlfriend and I were watching Maury on our school day off, and it was about huge age differences in relationships. Which I don't have a problem with normally, but this was just weeeeird. And one of them was about a 14-year-old boy who married a 42-year-old woman? And she was talking about how she bought him Pokemon cards...

Alright. These kind of people can get married, but I can't, even though I'm in a healthy relationship of two-and-a-half years, because I'm gay.

Huh? This blows my mind.
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delighted mortician
27 January 2009 @ 09:02 pm
Bah, I feel like crap and I hope there's a snow day tomorrow.

But yeah. Classes are going well. I really like my ASL and my German history? German literature in history? History of the Holocaust? I'm not quite sure exactly what it's called? class even though I've read so much German history in the past few days that I think my head is going to explooooode. Ahhh damn it Goebbels and Adornoooooo.

Btw, love this.

haha yaaaay Kristin just got here and we're gonna go look up German propagandaaa. Exciting. Except for now she just ruined Rachmaninoff for me because she mentioned that it reminds her of Willy Wonka.

Yeah alright, I still love him.
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delighted mortician
Yeah, I really need to quit pulling all nighters for no reason and looking up weird shit on the internet like milk bags. I think we had those in middle school maybe? I don't know. I just remember it was fucking weird. Unless I was totally hallucinating the whole thing, which is entirely possible. I don't remember a lot of middle school. For uh, various reasons haha

Shit. I need to unpack and clean my room and school starts back up again tomorrow. I don't even know my schedule because Mainestreet is a whore and I still need to buy my boooooks. Ok just kidding. Mainestreet isn't a whore. Firefox is, because I can log on when I use Safari. Fuck you, Firefox.

I have no idea how I manage not to kill myself on accident with this level of disorganisation haha

[Edit: Ok, so I wasn't hallucinating, just off by a few years. We had them in elementary school, so no one I know now actually knew what I was talking about. Oops.]
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delighted mortician
I was watching Velvet Goldmine the other day because I hadn't seen it in a few years and was lol'ing so hard at Christian Bale. Because he totally gets groped in movie theaters by old men and looks so adorably disgruntled about it haha And there's talk of Oscar Wilde and Dorian Gray while he wears a British schoolboy unifoooorrrmmm. Ahhh.

And so the latter half of the movie is pretty much male hookers and coke (the non-pepsi product kind) and orgies and Eddie Izzard. Yes. My kind of movie.

Yeah. I totally brought it back to school with me lol

Why am I so in love with Christian Bale lately? Who knows.
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delighted mortician
14 January 2009 @ 11:10 pm

Yeah okay. It was about -20 degrees out today, and I wasn't wearing my mittens because they were in the wash so I thought my hands were going to get frostbitten. My knuckles got all dry and cracked and gross and they kinda bled a little, no joke. Ew.

I've been extremely busy this week, because I'm finally back at my gram's for the rest of my vacation and she has the WHOLE WEEK OFF. Which means that every single friggin' day is another project omg. Buuut I did get my cute corner shelves from my old room upstairs to my room downstairs, and I've actually cleaned the shit out of my room. I totally lay down the fucking law, and the mess which is was my room obeyed me.

Aaaaand I've been to Food Shitty about a thousand times today to get junk for my gram so she could bake cookies shaped like Christmas trees and snowmen haha And my last trip was insane-o because even though the line I was in only had two people in front of me, both of them took seriously, a full five minutes (which if you're pissed off and waiting in line is a really long time). And BOTH OF THEM had insufficient funds in their accounts and so it took a million years for them to decide whether or not they wanted to dig through their purses to find money, or if they wanted to put their stuff back, or if they wanted to put some of their items back and if so which ones and I was like, "OMFG JUST GET OF MY WAY I HAVE SHIT TO DO." Only I didn't really say that. But I was thinking it extremely loud in my head.

God, I'm sorry this update is just one big bitchfest haha
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