objector extraordinaire.


delighted mortician
We can talk about the faceless evil shadow creatures underneath our clothes.

au sujet de moi

i’m into a bunch of random stuff, as well as listening to a bunch of random music. i change obsessions as often as people change their underwear. gay boy love makes me happy in my pants, and i can find gay subtext in almost anything. i have a lovely partner of over six years, who's almost as much of a creeper as i am ♥ ♥ ♥ and i like to have big, long, bitchy rants about absolutely nothing.

i’m also in love with the 90’s.


listening to enya in the dark, pretending i know what i’m talking about, procrastinating using any means possible even if i don’t have that much to do, watching random junk on youtube, riding in elevators, telling your mom jokes no matter how inappropriate the context, orgasming over accents, being lewd.


i have a weakness for the cello.

i’m in love with people who can cook.

and i also like when two people are so close other people combine their names to form a single entity.

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Haiku2 for haplessapples
hookers and coke the
non pepsi product kind and
orgies and eddie izzard
Created by Grahame

HOW YA LIKE THEM APPLES? (Hey vintagegabe, we coordinate now. :D)

So, yeah. How about that thermonuclear apocalypse?

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